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Marketing in Africa

June 15, 2009

An interesting topic from whiteafrican about interactive marketing in Africa. 

Marketing strategies which are becominng obsolete in the old continent are still working in Africa.

But the poor quality of the bandwidth is obstructing the population to acces the internet.

How many african touristic place get an websites?

and those which get one don’t invest in the quality of the services their online plattform.  It’s tricky for tourists to take a trip to somewhere they don’t know how it coud look like.

The policies to access the new tech in our continent should be reformed/renewed. 

Not only touristic institutions are concerned by this marketing strategies. It’s exactly the same when you’re looking for videos or music your favored singer or for the african diaspora when it’s need informations from their homeland.


Doomedo: Text the world

May 28, 2009

After Maelys (A very great project) Ti’ Aya has launched a new product named Doomedo to allow internet cafe users in Africa to text the world . 

I think it’s a good stuff…but i have to say it would be cooler if one can send the sms with the mobile phone.  Something like send sms to doomedo and doomedo send it to your contacts where ever it is.

Ok..Ok but how much would pay the users for this service. Because I think if someone buy an hour for internet connection to 300 F CFA. Buy SMS is an additional costs. How is he ready pay to send a SMS to his contacts worldwide. And How much would he pay to text from his mobile phone?

Some people would argue the connection’s time remains for a later use and it have not so much to do with the Doomedo service. But without the Internet cafe the user can’t use Doomedo.

The others would say send sms is interactive thing and should’nt be involve Internetcafe usage. But for we the BIG question is how much the users are ready to pay for this interactivity?

I don’t know what the business model for Doomedo is, it’s would be interesting to know how Ti Aya want to manage that.


In Developing Countries, Web Grows Without Profit

May 12, 2009

By New York Times

An article from the NYT about the non-profit from web company in developing countries


Top Ranking Cameroonian Blogs on Afrigator

May 5, 2009

Afrigator, the leading African blog aggregator, has a listing which ranks the top Cameroonian blogs. Although the Cameroonian blogosphere has grown in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, only 48 Cameroon-related blogs are listed on Afrigator (compared to 5387 South African blogs and 935 from Nigeria) – a fact which highlights the insularity of the Cameroonian blogosphere whose members do not  generally seem interested in reaching out to readers beyond the Cameroonian community.

And the winner is…….Dibussi!


Let’s go on!!!

May 5, 2009

Since a couple of months i’m thinking about my return in my homeland Cameroon. Aware of the African’s problems I’m looking for ideas that i could bring and implement to make my workpiece for the development of my country.

By looking in the internet i found African bloggers(nino, Dibussi, etc..) and websites(camerounvoice, cameroon-info, etc..) which with an amazing imaginativeness and ingenuity have begun this way long time ago before me. They are doing it so great!.

The goal by creating this blog is to put at the same place what the African web community is thinking, doing about the new technologies (as development factor). Even though the  most post would be about the New technologies.

Knowing that’s I’m not a good writer, this blog would be at first a summarization of the news from the afro-bloggers community.

so that the way we’re going…

(Wow my first post…not easy to write so much i should ask to the others bloggers how they do that)