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Let’s go on!!!

May 5, 2009

Since a couple of months i’m thinking about my return in my homeland Cameroon. Aware of the African’s problems I’m looking for ideas that i could bring and implement to make my workpiece for the development of my country.

By looking in the internet i found African bloggers(nino, Dibussi, etc..) and websites(camerounvoice, cameroon-info, etc..) which with an amazing imaginativeness and ingenuity have begun this way long time ago before me. They are doing it so great!.

The goal by creating this blog is to put at the same place what the African web community is thinking, doing about the new technologies (as development factor). Even though the  most post would be about the New technologies.

Knowing that’s I’m not a good writer, this blog would be at first a summarization of the news from the afro-bloggers community.

so that the way we’re going…

(Wow my first post…not easy to write so much i should ask to the others bloggers how they do that)