Marketing in Africa

June 15, 2009

An interesting topic from whiteafrican about interactive marketing in Africa. 

Marketing strategies which are becominng obsolete in the old continent are still working in Africa.

But the poor quality of the bandwidth is obstructing the population to acces the internet.

How many african touristic place get an websites?

and those which get one don’t invest in the quality of the services their online plattform.  It’s tricky for tourists to take a trip to somewhere they don’t know how it coud look like.

The policies to access the new tech in our continent should be reformed/renewed. 

Not only touristic institutions are concerned by this marketing strategies. It’s exactly the same when you’re looking for videos or music your favored singer or for the african diaspora when it’s need informations from their homeland.


One comment

  1. I went to Ethiopia and Tanzania about 7 years ago and people in the villages were lucky to have shoes let alone the internet. I remember being invited in for tea into a family hut and made the sill mistake of asking for a contact number when I was leaving, just to prove a point where things that we take for granted are only things that these people might have heard of.


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