Open Solutions Cameroun

May 12, 2009
Open Solutions Cameroun

Open Solutions Cameroun

I read for the first time about Open Solutions Cameroun by the nino’s blog.

A company which promotes and markets it’s Know-how in Open Solutions in Cameroon. For months ago i read that more than 80 percent of Software used in Cameroon’s administration offices and institutions are not used with the appropriate licenses or are cracked and i always wonder if people don’t know what open solutions are.

Since 2001 started the French gendamerie the switch over to Open-Source-Desktop and save only in 2008 more than 70 Millions euros. This year the license’s expenses will be cut down to 70%.

May be people don’t notice it but i think the open source solutions like Ubuntu and others are the future and these solutions are making a very interesting breakthrough by the user’s community.

Personally I’m using exclusively Kubuntu for 8-9 months and I’m so impressed for what you can get for free.

As African we should turn to these solutions because it’s free
and you can adapt it to your own needs.

and i hope this company will success and meet his goals.

Below two case studies (in pdf) from the European information service OSOR(Open Source Observatory and Repository) of the Swiss federal court and the French Gendarmerie about the migration to open source of this Europeans institutions .

Open source on the desktops of the Swiss Federal Court and Federal Administrative Court

Towards the freedom of the operating system: the French Gendarmerie goes for Ubuntu



  1. Hi there

    We are urgently looking for a company to help us with video conference facilities in Cameroon!

    Can you help?!


    • sorry Johan,
      i dont know any company which market in this field

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