iYam.mobi – Africa’s Mobile Directory

May 7, 2009


This was the question posed by Fritz Ekwoge, the enterprising coder behind Kerawa.com (interviewed on this blog and profiled here). He noted that there was no mobile phone directory in Cameroon, not to mention for most of the continent. Without an easy way of contacting businesses in his country, Fritz set to work prototyping Africa’s first mobile mobile phone directory. That’s not a tautology, Fritz points out. His new directory service, iYam.mobi, is purely SMS-based, which means that any handset is capable of creating a profile and querying the iYam directory with a simple text message. Thus, it’s the mobile directory that goes everywhere you do…More



  1. Thanks for the mention. Hope to see you all registered on Africa’s first mobile mobile phone directory: http://iYam.mobi.

    • You are welcome Fee. 😉

  2. […] techno afro du moment. C’est simple tout le monde en parle en France (1), au Cameroun (1, 2, 3), en passant par l’Afrique du Sud (1). Et à […]

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